It Turns Out a Dog is Better at Meditating Than We Are and Here’s Why

Sad Pooch

While we know our pooch has thoughts which display themselves in some of the cutest and oddest ways imaginable, we never really consider how deeply they think. Honestly, they probably never engage in “Gandhi think” because they really have no concept of the hereafter (that we know of!).

Yet, what are they doing when we see them staring off into space, relaxing, and not seemingly at all troubled by the bone they have buried in the backyard?

They could very well be meditating. Granted, they more than likely do not know it is what they are doing but that can also be their advantage! All they know is the moment is calm and they can zone out, perhaps not quite sleep but feel an inkling of peace and quiet that is like snoozing.

After the break go over and check out four troubling things we see in ourselves that our dogs pretty much do not feel the same way about.

It’s our burden, not theirs – and we can learn a valuable lesson in mediation from Rover!

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