No Time to Walk Your Pooch? Stop the Excuses and Try THIS!

walking the dogs

Walking your pup is important for any dog owner, but sometimes it's hard to schedule in time to make it happen.

If you're busy with work and your family, sometimes your pooch gets the shaft. It's easy for this to happen — you get up early but get distracted by the baby crying or forgot that you need to iron the husband's pants.

Poor doggy — doesn't he deserve a little bit of love and attention too?!

Even if you're swamped with life's commitments, make time to walk your dog. Not only will it keep him healthy, but it will burn off a lot of his excess energy. Plus, a dog loves sniffing and getting out to view his surroundings. It's a great way to keep him young and full of life.

Check out some tips on how to make time to walk your pooch after the break.

Via Lenna Young Andrews / Flickr

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