When a German Shepherd Sees Dolphins, How He Responds to Them is SO Unexpected, You Won’t Even Believe it!

German Shepherd staring at dolphins

“Fish are our friends, not food!” At least, that's what this curious German Shepherd thought when he spotted some friendly dolphins out at sea.

Maverick, the German Shepherd in this video, gets really excited at the sight of these cute and chirpy dolphins while on a fishing trip with his dad! He is so excited at the thought of making so many new ocean friends and is also having a blast on the boat. It sounds like we have a doggy who's an ocean dreamer on our hands!

Just how did Maverick respond to these fishy strangers? It's almost too hilarious to believe! LOL!

Get in on this funny ocean action with Maverick and his new dolphin friends. What a crazy pooch!

Watch what happens when Maverick, the German Shepherd, sets his sights on some friendly dolphins during a fishing trip after the break!

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