See What Happened when they Replaced Purebreds with Rescues!

Welcome dog lovers, and particularly our contestants. We had to share this fantastic story about a pet rescue organization in Brazil, called Quatro Pantinhas created a fantastic project based on one great idea:

“Better than buying a life is saving one.”

The heartwarming results revealed in their video will amaze you!
The program, called “Priceless Pets” was designed to prove what many of us already know:

“In the end, what really matters is the empathy between the person and the animal.”

forsaleMany cities in Brazil have a serious problem with strays, so “Priceless Pets” is particularly important there.
See more on the next page about how pet store patrons responded to a selection of rescue dogs instead of the purebreds they were expecting. This brings a smile to my face whenever I think about it!

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