A Stress-Free Guide to Trimming Your Doggy’s Nails and Helping Her Have an Enjoyable Pawdicure

So how often should you trim your pooch's nails? Every few weeks is standard, though if your dog's nails grow quickly you should give them a quick look. The information below tells you how to trim the toenail correctly and what type of nail clippers you should purchase.

Don't worry, we'll get to the actual nail clipping process next so you can help Fido overcome her fear!

nail clipper for dogs

How To Trim The Toenail

Toenail maintenance requires a trim every two weeks, just like maintaining human fingernails. If you can hear nails clicking on your kitchen floor, they are much too long. The concept is easy: trim around, never across the quick, which is actually your dog’s finger.

Nail Clippers

Use only “scissor” type clippers. Guillotine style clippers crush the toe, which is painful. Never put the whole nail in a clipper.

Use small size clippers for better control. Only giant breed dogs will need large ones.

Keep your tools sharp: either replace or sharpen your clippers regularly.

“Quick-guards” obscure your view of the nail. If possible, remove them, or at least tape them back so that they won’t interfere with your work.

“Pedi-paws” type grinder: Smooth out your trim afterwards with a rotating emery board.

Now that you're all set in regards to how to trim the toenail (when you get to that point) and what nail clippers you should purchase, let's head to the next page. Trust me, these tips will help you get going on a regular pawdicure schedule!

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