A Stress-Free Guide to Trimming Your Doggy’s Nails and Helping Her Have an Enjoyable Pawdicure

It's time for your doggy to have a nice pawdicure, except you have one problem. Every time you take out the nail clippers she runs and hides! The dramatics ensue and you're stuck with a pooch who no way go anywhere near those ghastly nail clippers.

If this sounds like your nail clipping experience with your doggy then you know all too well how much of a struggle it is to get the deed done. As much as you'd like to trim your pooch's nails it appears like it's an impossible task at the moment. Am I right?

Well, unfortunately, this is a task you can't ignore. You can't avoid trimming your dog's nails just for the sake of your doggy's fear. According to research, it turns out that ignoring this task can lead to posture problems and later cause her pain in her hind end and you don't want that to happen!

Staying up on your dog's nails will keep her and her paws happy and healthy. We have some good news, though. We've found some pawsome (yep, another mention of the word paw, LOL) tips to help make trimming her paws less of an issue. In fact, dare I say that this task may become enjoyable? 

To discover how you can help your pup get through her pawdicure, check out some excellent tips and tricks on the next page!

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