Tips to Follow That’ll Help Feeding a Puppy a Lot Easier

pug chewing on sheets

You took the plunge! With some slight trepidation, you decided to adopt a puppy to the delight of you, the spouse and the kids.

Now, it’s time to go to work. You’ve been given some ideas on how to feed your new furry family member but when a puppy comes to a new home they are somewhat off-kilter and insecure, missing their doggie Mom and his or her brothers and sisters.

While it doesn’t happen all of the time, because some puppies immediately adjust, many puppies may not play or eat well until they become accustomed to their fresh surroundings. Don’t take it personally. Just given them time.

As for those who have a dog who has just had puppies, you need to watch them almost as much as their doggie Mom! Keep them warm and, at least for the first twelve weeks, she will take care of the feeding. It’s usually after the fourth week that you might want to take a very small step into food introduction but the pups are happy to nurse too.

Yet, there are things to know.

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