Doggie Delight Bonus Draw Winner – 13 May, 2015!

Congratulations to all contestants!

The PupFans team sends you all our best wishes and most sincere thanks for helping us spread the word about our website and our growing community of friends on our Facebook Page! We couldn't do it without you.

Up for grabs in this week's Bonus Draw was a $20 shopping spree for doggie goodies.

This week's bonus draw winner is Dawnetta B.!

Take a bow, Dawnetta!

BUT WAIT, friends! The contest is not over.

There are lots more bonus draws to come on the way to our first Grand Prize Award when we reach 10,000 Fans on our Facebook Page.

You can win one of our bonus draws, just like Dawnetta, or even one of the Grand Prize draws.

First, if you haven't entered the contest, go ahead and join now. We'll wait here while you pop over to the >ENTRY PAGE<.

Now, what can YOU do to increase your chances to win the next prize draw and help us out at the same time?
It's Easy!
>Make sure to keep a sharp eye on your email inbox for contest announcements and other stuff.<
We'll share tips in those emails about how to get bonus points in the contest. In every email you'll read about new ways to get extra points by visiting doggie videos, news stories and especially, by helping us spread the word. We want to build PupFans into a huge community to share all the best photos, videos and news about the dogs we know and love!
>What about these contest points?<
The contest system keeps track of your points and more points means more chances to win each time we run a draw.
That means every contestant has a chance to win a prize, but the more points you earn, the better your chances!
>How do you earn more points?<
First and foremost, watch your email for updates. We'll let you know lots of different ways to gather more points.
Also, watch our Facebook Page for other hints.
Most of all (and this helps us out the best), share the contest with your friends who love dogs. If they join using your link, they can help us spread the word, too, and you'll earn points just for them becoming a contestant! (NOTE: your contest link is over on the CONTEST PAGE where you entered.)
So now you're ready to go get some points and help spread the word in time for next week's bonus draw!
Once again. Thank you one and all and congratulations to our first-ever prize winner, Dawnetta!


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