Two Proteins a Doggy Owner Should Never Feed Their Pooch. Why? It Can Lead to Serious GI Upset!


As dog owners, we want to believe that whatever proteins we feed our faithful pup works out to be a wonderful source of energy and perfectly healthy for our best friend(s). Beef, chicken, and lamb are good, we think, and for the most part, we are right. The best meats make for terrific results. We can see it in our dog’s fur, eyes, and his vigorous manner.

There are also certain basic proteins in vegetables and that must be good for a dog too, right?

After all, vegetarians and vegans swear by an all veggie diet! You may be surprised to find that the experts, those who are proficient in the subject of proteins, have come to a conclusion that goes against what many considered true for years and years!

After the break, we strongly suggest you turn the page and read up on this very important subject. What you are feeding your much-loved pooch may not be the best thing for his or her GI track!

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