(Video) This Kitten and Doggy Play a Game of Paw Slapping and it’s Too Funny!

kitty doggy play

When we are babies we simply have no defined ideas how we are supposed to play with others. A human baby, whether they be black, white, Chinese or Portuguese, seem understands that there is another human being there, like themselves, and they want to communicate — or play!

The same can be said for dogs and cats. Granted, babies – no matter the creed and color – are all still human beings but little animals, once they meet each other’s eyes and know they have a BFF. don’t care.

As they grow older and their bond deepens, how can they ever become enemies!?

After the break, go on over to the next page and take a look at two pals that would be hard pressed to leave one another in the lurch … unless sleep is more important. LOL!

While one is more than ready for his nap, his feline BFF has others ideas — and it is just too funny!

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