(Video) How to Gain Respect and Love From a New Dog in the Household


Do you have a dog, a cute pooch you really want to emotionally connect with, but somehow do not feel you are bonding with him or her on a deeper level?

Does something seem to be missing? Is he not understanding your orders, does he not appreciate the concept of play, and does he look at you with a disinterested yet vaguely curious stare? Perhaps it is the opposite and he's out of control with his admiration for you?

Your relationship may just need a simple tweak to get it to where it should be. You do not have to spoil Rover to get him to respect and love you but there are a few things you should know.

The guide on the next page is thoroughly practical for the first time dog owner. It lays down some interesting facts and ideas that make a great deal of sense without being reproachful.

For the seasoned dog owner, it can be considered a checklist. It might even remind us of some of the things we thought we were doing well but, in retrospect, may not be dispatching orders and kindness to their best effect.

After the break, check out this simple, straight forward and very informative video that shows how you can gain respect from your pooch. It should be seen by every member of the family!

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