NYC Subway Bans Dogs Unless They Fit Into a Bag. Now See How Big Dog Owners Amazingly Accepted the Challenge.


The way these owners of big dogs get their dogs into a bag to go on the subway is incredible!

Many of us love our dogs so much that we want to take them everywhere we can. We take them in the car and into the pet store. Some of us may even take our dogs into hotels and many other places even when we shouldn't. After all, we just can't bear to leave our dogs home by themselves.

When a new ban said that owners couldn't bring their dogs on the Subway in New York City unless they were in a bag, big dog owners sure got creative. They didn't want their big dogs to be left out, so the way they pulled it off was completely brilliant!

Their solution to allowing their dog on the subway made us laugh and want to applaud these people for all their efforts. The way some dog owners successfully conquered this challenge might blow you away!

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