(VIDEO) Two Obese Pugs Are Relinquished by Owner. How They Find Their Happy Ending? This is a Must See!

sunny and rosie

Meet Sonny and Rosie, two doggy sisters that have led interesting lives. These Pug sisters have an amazing story to tell. Due to medical conditions and weight problems, their owner decided to give them up.

There wasn't much hope for these morbidly obese sisters, but one kind woman decided to take them on. What happens next? Find out how their story ends and where they found their forever home.

Their story will warm your heart and give you hope for all shelter dogs! Sunny and Rosie's amazing spirit and healthy attitudes inspire everyone around them. You need to listen to their touching story!

You can't help but want to wrap these two puggies up in your arms when you learn more about their story. These two Pug sisters are so strong considering all that they have been through!

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