If Your Doggie Has Eye Boogers, What Does it Mean?

pug staring with big eyes

Discharge from a dog’s eyes is nothing new. We’ve seen it during the best of days. It can mean so many things, including eye disease.

But more times than not it’s simply “eye boogers” and not something to fret about. After all, a canine’s normal day consists of running about outside and gathering “something” in his eyes. Then there is the dust from the sofa cushions and carpeting! Poor pup!

But it’s usually taken care of via a simple and gentle wipe to his eyes.

Still, we do have to wonder when should worry about the buildup. Is it that simple wipe-off situation or do we need to contact the veterinarian? While it is the tear ducts' job to flush the eye, to wash away the mucus, there are red flags. If a discharge appears regularly, there may be a problem.

After the break check out some reasons why we see this discharge and what you can do to prevent a serious situation.

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