What to Do if Your Pug Runs for His Life When You Bring Out the Nail Clippers…

It's time to trim your Pug's nails again, except every time you get ready to trim his nails and take out the nail clippers he runs away and fast. You might think your Pug is being a tad dramatic — is nail trimming really all that bad?!

If you struggle with getting your Pug's nails trimmed you're not alone. Many Pug owners struggle with clipping their dog's nails and have problems finding a technique that works. Eventually, they call it quits or have someone else do it — but a groomer will likely still have problems with your Pug freaking out too!

As much as this is a task you'd like to ignore, the longer your dog's nails grow out, the more likely they can affect his posture. Believe it or not, but doggie nails that are too long can cause other issues such as pain in his rear due to posture adjustments. These issues can be super uncomfortable for a dog.

There's no easy way to trim your Pug's nails other than practice and gradually getting him used to the nail trimmers. Keep reading for some tips to help you on your way!

After the break check out some helpful techniques and tips that'll help you cut your Pug's nails. With these helpful tips the process will go a lot more smoothly and pain-free for both you and your fur baby. 

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