(VIDEO) This Pug Compilation Video Will Make Your Heart Go Pitter Patter. ADORABLE!!

Pup In A Pot

While we may have our own doggies, it is never wrong to check out videos of other dogs. Let’s just say it keeps us in tune with the adorableness that is a pooch. And, if the pups just happen to be Pugs – all the better. We may be prejudiced, but there really is nothing cuter.

Think I’m wrong? Then you need to see a video and – yes – we have the perfect video for you to watch!

Thanks to the Pet Collective we have seen a lot of fantastic dog videos but the one over on the next page truly is the cat’s pajamas … or should we say the doggy’s dynamite?

On the video, we see adorable Pug puppies, and they are all perfection. Clear, cute, and doing everything doggies do! Yes, we mean running, jumping, playing, hiding … and being blown dry? Trust us; it’s really sweet and funny!

Watch it for yourself after the break!

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