(Video) Pug Attempts to Get Inside a Box. Now Watch Some Hilarious Moves as He Attempts to Conquer the Box! LOL!

pug in a box

You're probably a lot more familiar seeing cats snuggle inside of boxes, right?! Well, you'd be surprised to learn that some doggies absolutely love getting inside of boxes!

In this video, one determined Pug finds a way to get himself inside of a tiny box. The struggle is hilarious. However, he can conquer it, and now he has to get comfortable!

That's when the real battle begins. LOL! Just watch how he makes some funny moves for him to find room inside the cardboard box.

This funny Pug just does not want to admit that he can't fit inside of it! LOL!

Watch how this silly Pug struggles to get inside of a box on the next page.

This video is hilarious, and perhaps if you have a cat — not a dog — who likes to try to fit into boxes (since dogs don't usually go after boxes), perhaps you can relate! LOL!

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