(Video) Military Dog is Torn Away From Beloved Sergeant. A Few Years Later, the Dog Hears Him Screaming Her Name

military dog reunited with sergeant


We often hear about soldiers, with their military sidekicks, dogs that go into battle with them, eventually adopting said dog and the two retiring together. It’s joyful and the relationship between the two is always inspiring.

But Jason Moss and his dog, the bomb sniffing Cici, are a little different. The two were inseparable but, as things sometimes happen, they were estranged when it was time for Jason to go home. Cici was still needed and the two had to sadly part.

However, in 2014 Cici was to be retired and Jason, upon hearing this, knew he had to take his canine partner home with him. He made arrangement and, two years after parting, it was time for the two to reunite. What would happen? Would Cici remember her pal? Would she feel a little betrayed after so many months apart?

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