Why Shelters Everywhere Are Starting to Drop Breed Labels

pitbull puppy

We human beings are not the perfect species but we are protective of the ones we love. If we hear there is a vicious dog breed out there and, if we do not know all of the facts, it comes naturally for us to steer away from said dog when it comes time to find and adopt a pooch. After all, it's best to play it safe, right?

Take the much-maligned Pit Bull. There really is no reason to be afraid of this dog over others. Yes, we have heard news stories about the pooch that paint them in a bad light. The only fault there is with a Pit Bull is it is an open an completely trainable dog. It will love whoever owns it and also wants to please him or her.

In other words, if the trainer teaches a Pit Bull to be mean, to attack, they will be mean and attack because it wants to please its Alpha! Now, think about that small, loving pit bull puppy out there just wanting to be happy and make you happy!

Animals shelters, understanding this dilemma, are beginning to take notice and have decided to stop breed labels. It has been said many mix-breed dogs have been mislabeled anyway. Sometimes it is hard to know and looking at a pooch, deciding what it is, does not always work.

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