(VIDEO) Baby Pug Flips Out Over Her First Bone and it’s SO Adorable!

pug freaks out over bone

Everyone has something they freak out about. Maybe it's something as simple as buying yourself a pack of your favorite gummy bears — if they're yummy why not get excited?!

In the same way, pug puppies love to get excited, especially if it's their first time experiencing something. From a treat to a toy, receiving something new and different is enough to make them either over the moon excited or not so thrilled, like a cute pug you'll soon “meet” on a hilarious video.

When this pug puppy is introduced to a bone for the very first time he's not sure what to think. Is this bone going to hurt him or what?!

Discover whether this adorable pug is excited or afraid of his new bone on the next page. This pug is about to freak out and it's hilarious!

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