10 Dog Memes That Are SO Funny We Can’t Stop Laughing!


These dogs hold nothing back! They have thoughts and want to tell us what they are! Sit back with a cup of coffee and take in their wise words. Just be careful not to spit your coffee out when you laugh!

Beware of pug blackmail.

beware of pug blackmail

Via Babble

Begs you to throw toy. Puts up a fight when you try to take it.

dog begging meme

He’s behind me, isn’t he?

funny pug meme

I did the math. We can’t afford the cat.

dog doesn't want a cat meme

I don’t always bark at night. But when I do, it’s for no reason.

dog sitting on sofa meme

This is wrong — I’m actually 14.

dog birthday meme

Wait a second…I don’t think this is the park at all…

dog sitting on a desk meme

Last time I played outside, the humans sent me to the dog house for tracking dirt all over the kitchen. This time, I’m takin’ a bath before I go home! My humans are gonna be so proud of me!

dog taking a mud bath meme

One day you will reach the handle, and can both go out to pee.

dog and baby meme

So, your owner made you fetch the ball, but they actually never threw it? I’d say you have a strong case for fraud.

lawyer dog meme

There is something about a doggie attorney saying they have a case against us that really makes us chuckle. Makes us wonder how many of our pooches think they are being ill-used!

For the most part, we think out pooches are content, even if they cannot yet reach the door knob to make their escape outside or have to contend with humans who do not understand that a mud bath is still a bath!

Maybe one day, we will understand the canine community better than we do but, in the meantime, these memes will clear a few things up! LOL! For more fun dog memes, check out Dog Time.

Featured Image via Babble

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