3 Things a Dog Wished His Human Knew About Picking Him Up


If you love picking up your dog, here are three important things you need be aware of before you pick up your pet!

Our dogs show us so much love and affection that we just want to show them how much we love them too. This means that we like to pick them up and cuddle them. However, sometimes — especially if your kids pick up or pull your dog around — we may actually be causing our dog more harm than good.

This doesn't mean that you can't pick up your dog. You can still snuggle and cuddle with them. You should just be aware of the way that you and others pick up your dog so you can be sure you aren't hurting your beloved pet without even realizing it.

Once you know what can hurt them and what is okay when picking them up, both you and your pet can enjoy snuggles as much as you want. If you know how to properly pick up your pet, it will keep you, your friends and family and your dog as safe as possible.

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