(Video) This Corgi Was a Bad Doggy. How She Shows She’s Remorseful? This is Too Funny!


Sometimes a doggie just has to dig! Oh, I know right now – while thinking about your pristine backyard – you are saying: “Oh no he does not!” but, come on, he’s a dog and dogs do five things: They eat, drink. pee-poop, play… and dig! Telling them not to dig is almost cruel!

Still, we do understand. When a dog forgets himself, when he ignores the many toys you have brought to him or her, and instead wants to go into the backyard and make a mess of your rose garden, there needs to be an alpha moment.

And sure, if you want to keep your yard from looking like something out of the neighborhood dump, then discipline must be maintained.

After the break, go over to the next page and look at a sweet little corgi who has “guilt” written all over her pretty face.

She does not really lie about her deed, but she is so adorable in her apology that you cannot help thinking her innocent!

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