(Video) This Pug Isn’t Sure What to Think of Broccoli and His Reaction is Priceless!


The way this pug reacts to broccoli is just way too adorable!

Many of us remember what it was like when we tried certain vegetables for the first time. We made faces and just didn't know what we should do. When we saw this pug reaction to broccoli, we don't think a dog could be any cuter if they tried. The look in his eyes will make your heart melt.

You'll be saying “aww” more times than you ever have before. It will be impossible not to fall in love with this pug instantly. If you thought pugs couldn't get any cuter, this will definitely prove you wrong!

To see how this pug reacts to eating broccoli, please head on over to the next page and check out the video.

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