5 Doggie Breeds That Love Nothing More Than Being Affectionate

pug hug

Some say affection is a state of mind. One person’s: “Look, the puppy’s chewing on your toes!” is another’s “Why is this dog attacking my foot?!”

In other words, we, as pet parents, find the sweetest things in our doggy’s behavior – even if it isn’t that cute to others! Still, we know affection when we see it and if Rover is taking the time to show love, we accept it without a second thought.

Well, that’s barring the pooch humping your leg in front of cocktail party guests – but that is another story!

Over on the next page, we have five of the most affectionate dog breeds. Yours might be among them but if he or she is not, don’t feel slighted. Just enjoy the photos and reasoning — and keep an open mind!

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