(VIDEO) A Little Boy is Sliding on the Wood Floor. What His Dog Does to Mimic Him? UNBELIEVABLE!

Up From a Slide

If you’ve ever watched the holiday movie A Christmas Carol, the version with actor Reginal Owen, you will understand the phrase: “Everyone likes a good slide.”

There is something so exhilarating and nearly therapeutic about sliding on a smooth surface and landing safely on the ground. Maybe that is why baseball players who steal bases with a great slide are considered heroes?

It’s a boy’s dream come true. And now a dog’s too!

Here we have a charming young man in his home also sliding about and who joins him in this adventure? His dog, of course. He watches him, decides he wants to do that too, and Rover goes for it!

And he does it very well we might add.

After the break watch this hilarious video with a perfectly powerful pup!

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