Entertain Your Pooch by Making This Super Cool DIY Earthdog Tunnel!

dog tunnel

Have you ever heard of Earthdog tunnels? They are tunnels built to test the hunting instincts of different dog breeds. Well, it turns out that testing a dog's instincts in a tunnel is not just a serious sport, but it's also a big way to entertain your pooch!

You can make an earthdog tunnel for your doggy right at home! This DIY project is super fun to make and very easy to build.

Your doggy will get lots of practice becoming an awesome hunter and on the upside, he'll have lots of fun doing so too! You also won't need many materials, and if you're missing a few, they're quite easy to find at your local hardware store.

So put your hard hat on and strap on your tool belt. Your pooch will love his fantastic DIY earthdog tunnel!

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Via Terrierman's Daily Dose

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