5 Ways Your Doggie Has Been Training You All Along to Become a New Parent

woman with baby pug

If you are among the thousands of dog owners who are single you might be especially surprised how your best friend has been training you to become a parent, if and when that blessed event should take place.

Actually, those pet parents who have human children will often say their dog is like having another child and for good reason. They are fed, potty trained, given toys, and – like a typical preteen – if they do not like what you have to say they will ignore you!

Obviously, being a human parent is a bit more complex but having a doggy can show those who are considering making that big leap – actually having a child – a less frightening prospect if they know they can take care of Rover!

On the next page, we are going to give to 5 examples on how adopting a dog can train you to become a new parent!

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