9 Pictures That’ll Prove That Puppies Are Rays of Sunshine…

new puppy featured

If you’ve ever adopted a puppy we don’t really have to impress upon you how cute and precious they are. Oh certainly, there is a learning curve. That first night of whines and cries from a cardboard box is almost a part of the entire puppy orientation!

For that first week you and your new puppy are getting to know each other, to trust one another and – yes – to love one another. The holding, petting, and snuggling process goes far in your bonding ritual!

We enjoy the little surprises,  like when a puppy learns how to  maneuver the stairs or jump up on or rest at the foot of our bed!

But most of all, we love when they rest in our arms, secure in the knowledge that we are there to love and protect them until that time, when older, they can return the favor.

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Featured Image via via Twitter: @ihatecake

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