Why You Should Consider Adopting an Older Dog

Looking for a new furry friend? Whereas many people may initially think of buying a puppy, you may be surprised to find out that a senior dog may be more suitable to your lifestyle. If you're seeking a loyal dog that's relaxed, already trained and needs a good home, then you may want to reconsider adopting an older dog. Want yet another compelling reason to select an older pooch? Sadly many senior dogs from shelters are put to sleep. You can save one life by adopting an older pooch and giving her a home.

Most older pooches are super chill and settle into their new homes fairly quickly. Plus, you can already learn about their habits and quirks from the shelter. Ask them any questions and I'm sure they'll be an open book.

Why not adopt an older dog today? There are even more reasons to adopt a senior dog on the next page.

David Martyn Hunt / Via Flickr

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