A Domestic Violence Shelter is Changing Lives by Housing Victims… and Their Furry Companions

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Now families with pets can rest easy knowing they'll have a safe place to go to. Read what this shelter is doing to change lives!

The emotional turmoil that comes with fleeing from an abusive situation is undoubtedly gut-wrenching for the victims and their families. That load will now be a little lighter for the pet-loving residents of the Cooper’s House in Iowa.

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Missie Forbes, the developmental director for DVIP told The Gazette that a shocking 48% of domestic abuse victims with pets refuse to leave, or delay leaving in order to keep their pets safe.

DVIP already offers a fostering program that places dogs, cats and even exotic pets into safe homes while abuse victims are living at Cooper’s House.

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In addition to the kennels and cat sanctuary, the DVIP currently has a Golden Retriever in training as a therapy dog. Once trained, she will provide emotional support for victims and their children at Cooper’s House and in their outreach program.

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How wonderful that one shelter is willing to go above and beyond for the comfort of others. Safety and shelter is important not only for families but for pets as well. Hopefully, more victims of domestic abuse will come forward and get their families and furry friends away from a toxic environment with the help of this shelter.

For more information on this program, visit BarkPost.

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