(VIDEO) Dad Leaves His Pug in the Car for One Minute. What This Fur Baby Does to Vocally Complain? Aww!

Abnadoned Pug

While we would never recommend keeping a dog in a hot car we have a hard time feeling sorry for this little Pug. For one thing, it appears that Dad left for less than a minute and, if you take a good look at their car, it’s quite comfortable and even has a nice blanket inside where she can rest her cute bottom.

Still, it does appear quite traumatic for this disturbed little Pug who apparently feels unreasonably left behind!

How could he just leave her there? Doesn’t he care? Has Daddy no clue what such a distressing even might do to a young Pug during this oh-so-important time of her young life?!

After the break, check out how this disturbed little Pug reacts to Daddy’s one minute neglect. Poor baby, she really does have abandonment issues!

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