Learn How to Trim Your Pup’s Nails Without Being Afraid

cutting a dog's nails

Trimming your pooch's nails is not an easy feat. Not only can it cause a lot of anxiety for the owner, but it cause anxiety for your doggy too. First things first are making sure your doggy is ready to get her nails trimmed. If she shows any sign of fear or aggression when you attempt to cut her nails, stop. There are steps you'll need to take first, so you don't harm your pooch or scare her during the process.

If your doggy is a puppy now is a good time to play with her as she gets used to your touch. Play with her feet and later get her used to you touching her nails. These simple acts will gear her up for later getting her nails trimmed. Depending on whether you use a clipper or a Dremel, next get her accustomed to the noises first.

For more tips on how to get your pooch ready to get her nails trimmed visit the second page.

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