(VIDEO) A Line of Tiny Pug Puppies Get Woken Up. What Happens Next? OMG, I Didn’t Expect THIS!

For most puppies, nap time is the best time! Being able to go to dream land and dream about a garden of yummy treats sounds pretty amazing right?!

Well, it's safe to say it's true for almost anyone wanting to get a nice nap in their daily routine! LOL! This adorable line of baby Pugs is all sound asleep!

When their owner decides to wake them up in a cute way, you won't believe how they react!

What happens next will make you laugh all day long! It's completely an unexpected reaction but it's a good one! LOL! Don't miss out on these cuties!

Watch this snoozing line of Pug puppies get suddenly awakened by their owner on this delightful video on the next page!

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