When This Mom Teaches Her Pug to Roll Over it Doesn’t Go as Planned – LOL!

teaching a pug to roll over

There's always that one elusive trick that our pup just can't learn no matter how hard we try!

No amount of treats, praise or practice will get him to learn that trick! It's so frustrating, right? LOL!

Well, you can definitely say that teaching a pug a common trick was the case for the doggy mom you'll soon “meet” in today's video.

This determined pug mommy decides to get her lazy dog to learn how to roll over. The results are priceless! Even though the pup isn't too eager to get the trick down, nothing is going to make her give up on her adorable pooch.

But my oh my, does this pug have a mind of his own! Find out if this Pug mom gets her doggy to roll over. It's too hilarious!

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