A Stress-Free Guide to Trimming Your Doggy’s Nails and Helping Her Have an Enjoyable Pawdicure

If you've officially gotten your pooch used to you touching her paws and used to the sight of the nail clippers without running and hiding (yay!) now you can practice trimming. I know, I know, don't panic yet. This task can be done, I promise!

trimming a pug's nails

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Practice Trimming

Once your pooch is readily allowing her nails to be touched, use one hand to hold her paw and another hand to use objects, such as the eraser end of a pencil, to touch your canine’s nails. When she is comfortable with various objects touching her nails, use the new clippers to gently tap the ends of her nails without doing any clipping.

The next step is to get your dog used to the clipper sound. The goal is to pair the sound of the clippers with a reward so that it is associated with something good happening.

Next it’s time to combine holding your pup's paw and the sound of the clippers. If using a mechanical tool, hold the paw and turn the tool on next to the paw; be careful not to get your dog’s hair caught in the tool (hold it far enough away or use a mechanical tool with a cover). If at any step your dog becomes uncomfortable, go back a couple of steps and slowly progress toward using the clippers.

Once your dog is able to stay relaxed while you hold her paw and make the clipper noise near her, it’s time to do the trim.

See, that wasn't too bad, was it?! Remember, practice makes perfect. As long as it takes for Fido to come to terms with her pedicure session, then that's how patient you must be. Some dogs may have more anxiety than others, so it's best to stay calm throughout the entire process and don't throw in the towel just yet. This may take a series of days and if that's the case start slow and slowly build us as she gets used to the clippers, you touching her paws, and then finally clipping her nails. You can do it!

After the break learn some important tips that'll aid you on your doggy's pawdicure journey. Before you start clipping your pooch's nails, these are the tips you shouldn't ignore! 

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