These 10 Favorite People Foods Make Safe Treats Dogs Love

10 Delicious Human Foods that Make Safe Treats Dogs Love


Photo: Mr. TinDC on Flickr

#5 Oatmeal

Oatmeal is good as a source of dietary fiber, which is helpful for older dogs who have trouble with bowel irregularity. It is also a handy alternative to wheat for dogs who are allergic to that grain. Of course cooked, plain oatmeal is best; avoid sugar and other flavoring!

As with all the other treats in this list, check with your vet before any important change in your dog's diet, particularly if your pooch is taking medication that might interact poorly with certain nutrients. The idea is not to replace your dog's regular diet, but to add a little variety.

The next treat came as a wonderful surprise to me and our dog now loves movie night at home with the family even more! Check it out on the next page:

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