(VIDEO) Adorable Puppy Is in Love With Her Dad’s Nose. Now Watch How She Chews on it, LOL!

Doxie Biting Nose

Cutie Patooties come in all shapes and sizes. Whether his name is Rover or her name Princess we all love our dogs from the biggest Great Dane to the tiniest Chihuahua!

What makes the video over on the next page so special is the connection between man and beast – or Daddy and fur baby. They obviously love one another a great deal!

We were so struck with the sweetness of this short clip we had to post it for one and all to see!

There is only one question. How would this little pooch react if he took a nip at his nose? Looks like he already tried to bite his flappy little ear.

Visit the next page, watch this adorable video, and prepare to get weak in the knees!

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