(Video) Alone in the Forest She Sees a Huge Wolf, Then She Looks Into His Eyes and Gets Close to His Face

Danielle and wolf

Is it wrong for us to see a charming moment in a video we are going to write about and compare it to a favorite TV show? The Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center has managed to do just that with their enchanting video starring Kekoa and Danielle.

Kekoa is a very handsome wolf, beautiful as a matter of fact, and Danielle is a visiting friend, someone Kekoa obviously loves and trusts. You think it odd for a wild wolf to come face to face with a young woman and not want to eat her face but merely lick it affectionately? He loved the ladies! You must check out the video on the next page!

Oh, and that favorite TV series we eluded to at the beginning of this article? None other than Game of Thrones. How can you not compare the video on the next page to Aria Stark coming face to face with her own Dire Wolf, a reunion in the middle of the forest, and seeing that recognition after months apart? Talk about enchanting!

But while her wolf left Aria, alone but unhurt, Kekoa does not seem too eager to let Danielle go away too soon! Go check them out!

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