Don’t Make These 4 New Doggy Owner Errors

yorkie at the vet's office

There is nothing more exciting than bringing a new dog into your life. Whether your new doggy is a pup or is older, those first few weeks with him is full of firsts. You'll have your first walk with him, first meal, the first game of fetch, first potty time, first bedtime, the list goes on and on!

As happy as these moments can be, those initial weeks are also a period of time when you're getting to know one another. You try to teach your dog your schedule as he adapts to his new home.

While we want to spend every waking moment playing with our new furbaby and getting as many kisses as possible, it's important to help him adjust and learn how to handle certain situations, particularly if you're a new dog owner. These teachable moments can determine behavior and habits for the rest of his life.

Click to the next page to read which 4 errors new doggy owners make! Avoiding these mistakes will help both you and your dog have an even happier and more loving life together!

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