(Video) Family Takes a Sick Puppy Home to Pass Away Peacefully, But Instead They Get a Big Surprise


Mary and her three daughters lived in Turkey for a while and donated their time to a local animal shelter. They knew their help was needed when they saw so many rows of cages with twenty dogs per cage! It was heartbreaking, bringing the family to tears. Mary would bring as much food as she could, six large bags of dog food at a time, but would be unable to feed no more than two to three cages at a time! You can only imagine the heartbreak of visiting all those starving dogs from day today!

The family decided to take four puppies with them from the shelter, all vaccinated for rabies. Yet, these pups were also sick with distemper and needed a great deal of love and care. Basically, the family knew they were bringing them home to die but wanted the puppies to experience love and attention before they met their maker.

Yet, there was one puppy, Faith, who was the runt of the litter, and she was not going to give it up easy. While her brothers and sisters did parish, Faith fought and fought to stay alive.

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