(VIDEO) This Pug Finds a Pacifier. Watch What Happens When His Pug Sibling Tries to Take it From Him!

pug with a pacifier

We love children when they are playing gleefully together, sharing toys, and being good little angels. But sadly that is not always the case.

This idea is illustrated clearly with the two adorable Pugs in the video after the break. Any other time they probably get along very well, playing like most brothers or sisters.

Unfortunately, their playtime is thwarted when one of the Pugs comes up with a toy that the other seems to want very badly.

It's not even quite a toy but it's something that is comforting and – who knows – maybe it’s something the Pugs have had since their youth. Whatever the case, they both seem a little overwhelmed with longing when it is taken away and given to the other.

Head to the next page to find out what happens between these two Pugs. The terrible two's have never been more hilarious!

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