What to Take on a Road Trip for Your Furry Best Friend

dog in the back seat of the car

Did you remember to pack your pet's meds? Don't forget something as important as his medication if you're about to embark on a road trip with your doggy in tow. Also, always make sure he has his tags on. That way if he were to get lost (heaven forbid!) your contact number and anything else that's important is on his tags.

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Dog travel essentials:

  • Medical and vaccine records, in the event an emergency trip to the vet is needed
  • Pet tags with your cell phone number in case he gets lost
  • Favorite toys that will help your dog feel at home
  • Your dog’s meds, if applicable
  • Food, bowl, and scooper
  • Leash should always be worn out of the car
  • Doggie harness or travel seat

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