When Picking Up a Dog, Here are 3 Things a Dog Owner Must NEVER Do


One thing we have noticed as our own dog has gotten older is a lack of flexibility. He still loves to run after birds and he jumps up and down when he knows a snack is coming his way. But now that he is approaching double digits in years he is not as eager to jump into our arms or on the bed. He will still do it occasionally but the joy is not there like it once was.

Honestly, that is not such a bad thing. His body is telling him to take it easy and he’s complying.

In that same area, when we do need him up on something, maybe to clean his eyes or ears, we need to be very careful.

Lifting Max like we once did, quickly and effortlessly, is not the way anymore You can practically see it in his expression and body language that he is not pleased with being picked up. It may even be painful for him.

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