(Video) These Cuddling “Bonded Pair” Pugs Will Make Anyone Smile, Guaranteed!

Minnie and Max

It’s always a little worrisome when a new dog is introduced into the family. You can never be certain if it will get along with the other pooch. Even the most even-tempered of dogs may feel their territory is being intruded upon when a strange canine decides to make itself feel at home – with their human family.

No worries between the bonded pugs on the next page!

Minnie and Max love each other dearly and do not like to be parted. This statement is evidently true because they wander through life together, never far out of each other’s sight. And – oh my – you should see how they sleep together!

After the break, go to the next page and enjoy the sight of a couple of truly inseparable pugs that love nothing better than to take it easy, in each other’s company, and snooze the day away!

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