Why a Mischievous Dog Should be Celebrated

Sad Pooch

Picture yourself going to the animal shelter. You have decided to adopt a dog or cat and while searching you think you have found the perfect dog. It has big brown eyes, a sweet if sad disposition, and you think Spot will be a fine addition to the family.

Unfortunately, when you get the pooch home he appears “shut down” or unresponsive to you, your kids or any stimuli you try to engage him in. You decide to give Spot a few days to get used to his surroundings. He will soon perk up… but he does not.

Is there something seriously wrong with this dog? Aren’t pooches supposed to jump about, fetch, pant, eat, drink, and basically get into mischief? Eight out of ten times this is correct but there may come a time when your canine simply uncertain, afraid, or depressed and the symptoms manifest themselves in inaction.

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