(Video) Every Day When a Little Boy is Dropped Off for School This Doggie Cries…

dog sad after dropping boy off

It's pretty amazing how attached some dogs can become to their family members. After all, to a dog, a person becomes their entire world! Some dogs in particular form pretty tight bonds with their humans and do not like it when they have to leave their side.

Take the doggie on the video for instance. She happens to love a little boy so much that everyday Mom drops him off at school, the sweet doggie cries. It's truly heartbreaking when you hear the sounds she makes, and you can't help but feel her pain!

His Mom reassures Dixie the pup that her buddy will be home soon and that they'll pick him up, but she's still in distress. She doesn't want him to leave!

Listen to the sounds this sweet doggie makes when Mom drops her son off at school on the video after the break. It's heartbreaking! 

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