10 Aww-Worthy Moments of Pugs Who Love Giving Their Human a Hug. #1 is the Sweetest Hug EVER.

pug hug

If you're like me you've read plenty of articles on the internet, especially about dogs. As a doggy owner, you want to put your best foot forward, which includes doing research on what your doggy does and does not like. Do you know how many articles I've read that mentioned that dogs do not like hugs?!

Some dogs are not as affectionate as others and may not like feeling “smothered,” but it's all about learning doggy communication. Most dogs if they are friendly and know you well don't mind a hug and the affection. In fact, they love it.

However, when in doubt learn how to decipher your dog's non-verbals. If she turns her head away from you, is yawning a lot, and tries to get away, she may be asking you to politely back off. It doesn't mean she won't want a hug and a nice rub behind the ears later, however!

I personally think that Pugs in particular love affection. And when it comes to giving out hugs, Pugs are one of the best breeds to show you they care. If their human comes to them for a hug, you better believe their little paws will be wide open, and I have just the pictures to prove it.

You're in for a treat — get ready for some aww-worthy pictures of Pugs who really, really love hugs after the break. Wait for #1 at the end — this is not your ordinary hug, and it's one of the sweetest hugs I've ever seen! 

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