4 Ways You Can Incorporate Coconut Oil as a Natural Remedy for Your Doggie

coconut oil

It’s always fun and satisfying when, after many years as a loving dog parent, you discover something new to aid in your pup’s good health. And it’s not overly expensive either!

The lovely thing about having this “super ingredient” in your fridge or pantry is knowing it not only does good things for your dog, helping with any number of anomalies or day to day tasks but you – as a un-furry Mom or Dad – can use it for the human family too.

Multi-purposing is the point, and that is awesome for any store bought a product to declare!

In this case, it is coconut oil, and it has been found to have some valuable components! It can do anything from cleaning your dog’s teeth to making a too skinny pet into a healthy beast! We are not tossing lard in your eyes – but maybe a little oil.

After the break, check out some great reasons to use coconut oil!

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