(VIDEO) You Will Sigh and Then Sigh Some More When You See a Pug Baby’s ADORABLE Response to a Hair Dryer…

pug and hairdryer

One would think when a dog is as small as this tiny pug puppy that he cannot possibly get too dirty. After all, he’s only weeks old and just barely over-runs the palm of an average person’s hand!

However, between eating, playing in the grass and mud, and fighting his equally grimy brothers and sisters, a puppy does get a little messy. Enough where a bath is recommended!

Still, it’s not so bad. After a comfy session of soaking in the warm water he’s as good as new. But, because he is so tiny and susceptible to germs and the like, a good drying is also needed. A towel is fine for a bigger dog but when they are this tiny something more is needed … A blow dryer!

After the break, take a look at the reaction to this tiny little pup when he goes under the warmth of blowing air.

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